Looking Good 13th May

I hope you don’t mind a few more photos of Tulips! These shots were taken at Gresgarth Garden last weekend when the sun was shining brightly. It’s a little cooler here today but these pictures show how Tulips can look on a warm spring day.

Here’s Gresgarth House. Leaping forward in the picture are the bright red tulips in huge tubs on the terrace. Red is an advancing colour. It hits you right between the eyes and demands attention.

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Looking Good 6th May

It’s all about the Tulips this week. In our garden and most of the neighbouring gardens Tulips are the shining stars at the moment. In fact everywhere I look I can see tulips in bloom! We grow all sorts of Tulips because trying new varieties each year is fun and it’s amazing how they all have different flower shapes and colors. I love the pastel creams, the pale pinks and lemons. I love the bold red, deep purple and bright cerise tulips too. It’s hard to choose my favourite but I do love orange…

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