Wildlife In Danger

This weekend representatives from 195 countries met at the 2015 World Climate Summit in Paris. They reached an historic agreement. In a nutshell their plan is to combat the rapid warming of Earth by switching from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy. Here are the key elements of the agreement:

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Is the future Looking Good?

Keen garden bloggers have been chatting for the past few weeks about the strangely mild autumn we have had so far. Although it’s nice to be able to get outside without coats there has been an underlying current of concern. What effect will these high temperatures have on our garden plants and the creatures who depend on them for food and habitat?

A press release by the RHS indicates that we are right to be worried about environmental changes affecting our planet. We all know that populations of plants and animals are in decline to such an extent that some are in danger of becoming extinct.

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November Seed Heads

I’ve been gathering leaves by the barrow load again this morning and tiding up some of my herbaceous perennials too. Not all of them need cutting back now. I try to leave the sturdy stems in place for as long as possible to provide homes and food for tiny creatures. You wouldn’t believe how many little critters can share the same space. This morning I found a small snail jammed into the top of a hollow stem then when I looked closely there were a few woodlice in there too.

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Free Wildflower Seeds for 2016

Did you know that British wild flowers are in danger of extinction?  In the past 70 years we have lost 97% of our wild flower meadows. This loss has changed the look of the British countryside… it’s still green but not half as colourful as it used to be!

The bad news is that losing most of our wild flower meadows has also affected our insects, birds and small mammals. They need pollen, nectar, seeds and leaves to provide them with food and shelter. Without the wild flowers some of our beautiful wild insects and tiny creatures simply can’t survive. And that affects everything.

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Meet the Locals

It’s raining. It rained all night and it’s set to rain all morning here in Lancashire in North West England. So I thought that I would look back at some photos taken when the sun was shining. I have lots of lovely pictures of places we have been, gardens we have visited and our own garden. Flicking through the pictures is a joy. They capture a moment in time and bring back very happy memories of warm summer days and crisp frosty mornings.

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