The Kiftsgate Rose

Think of a country garden… think of a rambling rose. Close your eyes and imagine clusters of scented flowers in sugared almond shades of pink, lilac, white and cream. To me their exuberant arching habit adds to the character and atmosphere of the country garden. Ramblers are vigorous plants producing strong new stems from the base of the rose every spring. Then in early summer great swags of scented blooms cascade down from laden branches. I often wonder how just one plant can produce so many flowers. We have been growing rambling roses through some of the mature trees in our garden for several years now…

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Calendula officinalis

I grow Calendula officinalis every year from seed. It’s a hardy annual with big curved seeds. They are very easy to grow… so if you have small children who would like to grow their own flowers then these are just perfect. This year I have grown several different types of Calendula.

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Sweet William

Dianthus-ThumbnailThe Sweet William plants growing in my greenhouse for next spring have already produced some flowers . They were ready for planting outside in early autumn but I decided to leave them inside when I saw buds developing. I’ve had a few flowers for the house already and today I cut some more. 

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Shooting Sunflowers

Sunflower ThumbnailSunflowers could be the perfect plant for country gardens. They are so easy to grow from seed and some varieties quickly shoot up to about 2 metres tall adding drama and intense colour to any planting scheme in full sun. Insects love the pollen and after flowering the hundreds of glossy black seeds are brilliant for garden birds.

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What should we grow?

BeeThere are more than 400,000 different plants in the world. Something like 10,000 plants are in general cultivation and are available to buy from good garden centres and plant nurseries.
No wonder it can be difficult to choose which plants to grow in your garden!

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