Narcissus Thalia

A few sunny days and plenty of rain and our Spring Garden has burst into life. I’ve deliberately kept to a simple colour palette because as you know I tend to go a bit mad with a riot of colours in our summer and autumn planting schemes. It’s quite unlike me to be tasteful so I like to make the most of it at this time of year!

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Looking Good 18th March

Some of the smaller plants in our Spring Garden are looking good this week. A circle of the primroses Primula vulgaris around the Oak tree are in full flower now. I planted just six when we moved here and now there are many more. They seed themselves around and I also divide any large clumps after they’ve finished flowering and move the divisions around too. They grow and flower at the same time as Anemone blanda which is a lovely soft blue.

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Muscari armeniacum

We have grown Muscari in our garden for years. As you know I like trouble free plants and it doesn’t get much more low maintenance than this! Muscari bulbs are really easy to grow and not too fussy about their environment as long as they have plenty of sunshine. We have planted them at the edge of the path in the Spring Garden where they can easily be seen from the deck of my garden studio. Slowly but surely they self seed and form new clumps of bulbs with lots of flowers. I love them not only because they are easy to grow but also because they flower early and attract bees and other beneficial insects.

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Bluebells in May 2014

Bluebell ThumbnailAs each year comes to a close I like to look back at my photos to remind myself of some of the best times. May in particular is often an outstanding month for me. There are some special family events to celebrate and usually the weather is warm which gives us the chance to be outside and enjoy the sunshine after a long dreary winter. 

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